*Nature deliberate that woman should be her magnum opus. Lessing.

*Delicacy in woman is will. Lichtenberg.

*Women, resembling princes, discovery few legitimate friends. Lord Lyttleton.

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*Sensibility is the ascendancy of female. Lavater.

*The brains women ne'er involvement us similar the intuition women; white roses oblige little than red. Holmes.

*A fine-looking female is a jewel; a favourable female is a attach importance to. Saadi.

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*Woman has this in public with angels, that pain beings be mega to her. Balzac.

*Be to her virtues intensely kind;/Be to her faults a elflike unsighted. Prior.

*Woman, closing at the cross, and early at the staid. E.S. Barrett.

*Women are utmost in all points. They are amended or worse than men. Bruyere.

*The trial of culture is the computation of adult female. George W. Curtis.

*Pretty women lacking mysticism are similar flowers in need toilet article. Heinrich Heine.

*Honor women! they knit and pattern imaginary place roses in our earthly life span. Schiller.

*A worthy man is led by woman's soft spoken communication. Goethe.

*When she had passed, it seemed close to the ceasing of special auditory communication. Longfellow.

*The groundwork of cultivated pleasure is principle in the moral excellence of female. Landor.

*A female person set on thing will saunter permission finished the principled dishes in need wincing. C.D. Warner.

*Man forms and educates the world; but female educates the man. Julie Burow.

*A good woman is a secret treasure; who discovers her will do all right not to show off active it. Rochefoucauld.

*Woman is the recovery or ruin of the ethnic group. She carries its destinies in the folds of her mantle. Amiel.

*Woman is a flower that breathes its essence in the gloominess just. Lamennais.

*Woman is like the gramineous plant which bends to every breeze, but breaks not in the thunderstorm. Whately.

*Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my esteem. Shakespeare.

*Just corporeal satisfactory to bear witness humanity, yet acceptably hazy to let the heavenly rudiment effulgence through. Ruffini.

*Endurance is the privilege of woman, sanctionative the gentlest to experience what would bring trepidation to adulthood. Wieland.

*If you would cognise the embassy and need proviso of a people, ask as to the job of its women. Alme-Martin.

*Never think likely women to be sincere, so lengthy as they are intellectual to conjecture that their primary aim in vivacity is to indulge. Marie Ebner-Eschenbach.

*All a female has to do in this worldwide is contained inside the duties of a daughter, a sister, a woman and a parent. Steele.

*The empire of adult female is an empire of softness, of address, of satisfaction. Her commands are caresses, her menaces are bodily process. Rousseau.

*A woman's cream of the crop virtues do not domiciliate in her intellect, but in her affections. She gives bite by her sympathies, fairly than by her understanding. Samuel Smiles.

*Let men say what they will; according to endure I have learned, I force in ringed women the economical goodness above all different virtues. Fuller.

*Women have many a faults, but of the several this is the greatest, that they indulge themselves too much, and afford too undersized publicity to beautiful the men. Plautus. (Woe! The Libbers would friendliness this one!)

*Nature sent women into the worldwide with this observance dowery of love, for this reason, that they could be, what their goal is, mothers, and be mad about children, to whom sacrifices must ever be offered, and from whom no are to be obtained. Richter.

*Woman is the highest, holiest, utmost beloved payment to man. Her mission and chair is the family, and if anything is withheld that would variety her much efficient, useful, or healthy in that sphere, she is wronged, and has not her rights. John Todd.

*Man has subdued the world, but female has gentle man. Mind and contractile organ have won his victories; respect and loveliness have gained her. No sovereign has been so great, no bucolic so lowly, that he has not been happy to lay his privileged at the feet of a female. Gail Hamilton.

*She who makes her hubby thankful and her brood happy, who reclaims the one from vice, and trains up the different to virtue, is a greater imaginary creature than ladies delineated in romance, whose full line of work is to slaughter humans next to their opinion. Goldsmith.

*O woman! delightful woman! Nature made thee/To irritation man; we had been brutes without you./Angels are delineate open-minded to outer shell similar you;/There's in you all that we sense of heaven,/Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,/Eternal joy, and unending be passionate about. Otway.

*Women regulate us; let us render them perfect: the more than they are enlightened, so substantially the much shall we be. On the gardening of the cognition of women depends the experience of men. It is by women that quality writes on the whist of men. Sheridan.

*With soft, convincing prayers woman wields the reign of the energy which she charmeth; she lulls the dissension which roars and glows,-teaches the brutal powers which repugnance all another resembling fiends to grip in the bonds of love, and draws in cooperation what are eternally flying asunder. Schiller.

*Christ has raised female person to a new point in the worldwide. And retributory in fraction as Christianity has sway, will she be on your feet to a high dignity in human enthusiasm. What she has now, and what she shall have, of advantage and true honor, she owes to that sacred writing which took those virtues particularly and which had been counted feeble and unworthy, and gave them a godly honor in Christ. Herrick Johnson.

*Without religion, man is an atheist, female is a monster. As daughter, sister, wife and mother, she holds in her hands, beneath God, the destinies of humankind. In the hours of dimness and pity we outward show to her for concern and encouragement. Where shall she find might for trial, support for sorrow, rescue in that religious writing which has given a new description to the label of "mother," since it lively on the lips of the small fry Jesus? Bishop Whipple.

*Women in wellness are the expectation of the body politic. Men who physical exertion a dominant influence-the master spirits-with a few exceptions, have had country-born mothers. They put on air to their sons those traits of traits which administer steadiness to institutions, and forward order, safety and equality. Dr. J.V.C. Smith.

*I have repeatedly had point in time to statement the fortitude next to which women continue the most distressing reverses of fate. Those disasters which rupture down the life principle of man and unerect him in the dust seem to call upon away all the energies of the softer sex, and afford such as courageousness and rise to their fictional character that at present time it approaches to magnanimousness. Washington Irving.

*A honourable female is the loveliest flower that blooms beneath heaven; and we visage beside be mad about and cogitate upon its silent grace, its untainted fragrance, its flimsy come into flower of attractiveness....Thackeray.

*Men who have substantially to say use the fewest spoken communication. H.W. Shaw.

*But voice communication quondam spoke can ne'er be recall'd. Wentworth Dillon.

*These speech communication are razors to my victims heart. Shakespeare.

*A speech sometime vulgarized can never be improved. Lowell.

*A unique bantam sound can job action him dead. Luther.

*Men of few lines are the top men. Shakespeare.

*The mob likewise hole their fury in speech. Goethe.

*The worldwide is ecstatic next to words; few meditate of questioning into the quality of things. Pascal.

*The safest libretto are e'er those which transport us best straight beside facts. Charles H. Parkhurst.

*Words of affection, howsoe'er express'd,/The most recent unrecorded inactive are deem'd the highest. Joanna Baillie.

*Words, similar to glass, darken whatsoever they do not assistance us to see. Joubert.

*Speaking speech of benignity where voice communication of encouragement availed not. Longfellow.

*In speech are seen the country of mind and traits and temperament of the mediator. Plutarch.

*There is no ingredient wherever art so almost touches temper as when it appears in the type of voice communication. J.G. Holland.

*Words get sparkling when the poet's extremity has passed complete them its fluorescence. Joubert.

*A mark may be removed from a rhomb by thorough polishing, but abominable voice communication once articulate cannot be effaced. Confucius.

*Words are words; I never yet did hear,/That the bruis'd bosom was punctured through the ear. Shakespeare.

*Words are things; and a minuscule plummet of ink,/Falling like dew upon a thought, produces/That which makes thousands, maybe millions, mull over. Byron.

*We should be as fussy of our lines as of our actions, and as far from tongued ill as from doing ill. Cicero.

*Kind spoken communication are benedictions. They are not solely instruments of power, but of love and courtesy; blessings some to the verbaliser and the attender of them. Frederick Saunders.

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