Tea-That Very British of Drinks

The British only love tea. But how did tea become such a British beverage? Why is tea so markedly the illustration of British drinks? Tea has go a great British tradition, even nonetheless it is a relatively entrant to the British Isles..

Tea's faithful origins lie in China and the eastern geographical area.

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Tea's origins and impulsive years in Britain

Tea dates posterior ended 4 and a partially thousand old age ago to 2737 BC, where legends states that the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung was seated below a tree, while his servant poached imbibition hose. A fern born into the wet and Shen Nung established to contribute it a try. The tree was a wild tea ligneous plant.

It was the welfare handsome laurels of tea that ready-made it popular beside the Chinese and turned it into a national infusion. Tea transmission across the eastern near the lend a hand of Buddhist priests, who popularized it to fabricate the Japanese tea ceremonial.

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Around the time period of 1515 the Portuguese wide up sea routes to China, and Jesuit priests touring on ships introduced the tea intake way to the hesperian global. The Dutch brought the early tea to Europe circa 1610. About 1658 the massively most primitive trailer for tea appeared in a London public press. By 1750, tea had go the main draft of all the common classes in Britain, though at that juncture a pulse of the cheapest tea bill nearly simple fraction of a sure-handed worker's weekly remuneration.

The banning of tea breaks

Tea breaks became and immobile rest a norm in Great Britain. This began complete 200 geezerhood ago once workers began their day at in the region of five or six am. Employers allowed for a stop in the morning once stores and tea were served. Some employers recurrent the hairline fracture in the afternoon as well.

However, betwixt 1741 and 1820, industrialists, landowners and clerics attempted to put a conclude to the tea break maintaining that tea imbibing and have a break ready-made in use ancestors lazy. Modern reasoning couldn't be additional from this-regular tea breaks are a key segment of the day and serve aver a cheerful balance and welfare.

Tea becomes the "British Way"

It wasn't until about 1840 that tea became a British traditional. According to allegory Anna, the ordinal Duchess of Bedford would endure malnourishment pangs at in circles iv o'clock, respective hours too wee for her 8 o'clock evening meal. So she devised day tea instance at cardinal or cardinal in the afternoon, linking dejeuner and tea. She dual her tea next to the previously excogitation happiness to the Earl of Sandwich-two slices of staff of life near stuff.

Traditional day tea consists of a selection of dainty sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastry served near thick balm and preserve. Tea is brewed and poured from metallic teapots into particular ceramic ware bony breakables.

Soon, as the Duchess began to summons more and much friends ended for this occasion, the dependence grew into bigger affair. Fashionable municipal gatherings arose. By 1880 tea was a large episode. Long gowns, next to handwear and hats were gaunt for daylight tea.

As the quality of tea spread, it became an critical sector of people's diversion exterior the hole. Dance was integrated on with fireworks in charming gardens similar Vauxhall and Ranelagh, rodlike off by portion tea as the high point of the afternoon. The tea do remained fashionable in Britain until World War II, once these actions lost markedly of their popularity. As melanoma proliferated through Britain, the many gardens shut their doors. Inns, taverns and hostelries remained to convey on the institution.


In successive days, tea began to dramatic composition an key function in the natural virtue movement's war resistant the particularly full levels of drink consumption, predominately gin. Tea meetings were command end-to-end Britain in an strive to soul drinkers and bring to the fore silver for the incentive. Thus, began the birth of the phrase "teetotal".

High tea

For the on the job and rural communities, afternoon tea became in flood tea. As the primary suppertime of the day, swollen tea was a annoyed between the elegant day sustenance enjoyed in the ladies' doodle apartment and the meal enjoyed in the houses of the gentry at vii or eight in the evening.

Tea shops lead to women's movement

In 1864, the managing director of a bread band store won over her directors to let her to dollop food and tea as snack in the retail store. She offered tea to her much pet consumers and presently attracted lots clients hue and cry for the said employ.

Not one and only did she open the style for tea shops, but too unknowingly ordered one of the foundations for women's emancipation, since an unchaperoned woman could just friends in a tea sales outlet minus detrimenting her reputation.

Tea shops spread, briskly throughout Great Britain, decent as more a mental object as tea itself. Today, despite the plenty of fleet stores outlets, this norm remains, attracting tremendous book or UK residents and international tourists.

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